Baby food for 1 year olds

Your child's first birthday is such a significant event in their lives for so many reasons. After your baby's first year you can start to see some serious developments for your child. While your baby is trying to learn how to walk and talk, many parents find themselves struggling with what to feed their child to support their development. Here are 4 great tips we have for serving healthy 1 year baby food. 

  1. Keep introducing new foods
    • By introducing new foods on a regular basis you are opening your child up to new healthy foods and tastes. Your child's taste is set early in life so be sure to help now so that they have a good taste for healthy food later on. 
  2. Limit the sweets and empty calories
    • While your child is moving more towards an adult diet, it is important to make sure all of your child's food is stocked with nutrients. Try to avoid "empty calories" as much as you can. 
  3. Let your child show some independence. 
    • Children at the 1 year mark have started to look to be more independent and feeding is the perfect time to let them take some control. Let your child use his/her own internal cues to know when they are hungry or full, within certain boundaries of course. 
  4. Milk is still important
    • Most children after the age of 1 are no longer breast feeding and are drinking whole milk to get their dietary fats, calcium, and vitamin D. During this time period it is also a good idea to start transferring to using cups instead of bottles.