5 Minute baby food recipe

Many parents like the idea of making their own food for their baby, but it can be very time consuming and stressful for a lot of parents trying to make complicated baby food recipes. To simplify some things for you parents we wanted to share possibly the quickest way to make your own homemade healthy baby food.

What you need:

Freeze dried fruit of your choice and a blender/food processor. On top of being easier to work with than regular fruit, freeze-dried fruit is considered healthier than store bought produce and is more economical than regular produce. If you want a mixture of fruits and veggies consider using Sweetie Pie's Organic Freeze-Dried Snacks available online here.


Portion out how much fruit you want/need and place it into the blender. No more worrying about storing leftovers, this recipe is so quick you don’t need to prepare ahead of time. Blend fruit until a powder consistency which should occur easily.  Slowly add water until it’s the desired consistency and then mix in blender once more. Keep in mind that food will thicken slightly after a couple minutes, so keep track of how much water you put in for reference later on. Serve and watch your little one eat his heart’s content of his favorite fruits and veggies

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